Founded in 1987 we have been creating award winning store concepts with the idea that only a retail lab and agency could bring innovation to retail itself. Our projects are focused on the product presentation coupled with a deep understanding of function through design.

Working for diverse retail clients, food and nonfood, from low to premium level has always been a crucial fact of how open minded our teams approach the solutions. We think Retail ! Our Vision: « Creating unique Retail Brand Experiences »


Ruth Toechterle_121

Ruth Toechterle

Managing Director

People_Beni Heiden_026

Bernhard Heiden

Creative Director


Luca Viglianti

Art Director


Raoul Sanchez

Head of Visual Marketing

Our offices

We have four office locations with 30 employees together with many networking partners. Different nationalities, cultures and languages fuse together to create something new, by thinking retail.

Office US

San Francisco


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We are a creative, challenging and demanding team. We love Retail and want to create something new. Inspiring people is our source. Are you a passionate person who believes that great ideas should become a reality? Then you should get in contact with us.