Carrefour Market Paris

Client: Carrefour France
Location: Paris FR
Store Design: Interstore
Build: Schweitzer Project
Store area: 2.000m2
Opening: Januar 2018

For the realization of the new Carrefour market in the heart of Paris, Interstore has developed a completely new design vocabulary. The new city market of the international company presents itself on 2’000m² and two levels in a very personal way and with a strong character.
The principle of a market place runs like a thread through the whole sales area.
The traditionally positive image was playfully picked up by Interstore and consequently translated in a modern way. The glass front towards the street demonstrates maximal transparency and

presents the supermarket as a part of the city. Modular, flexible pieces of furniture and a friendly «Piazza» in the centre of the ground floor become an open market place, around which the single sales booths with their colourful range of goods are grouped.
Despite uniform and linear basic shapes, the different departments are highly individualised by colour and material. Each department has its clearly apparent personality. The elegant, bright basic tone of the equipment further emphasizes the characterising elements.