Dunnes Stores Fashion


Client: Dunnes Stores – Stephen‘s Green
Location: Dublin IRL
Store Design: Interstore
Build: Schweitzer Project
Store Area: 3‘300m2
Opening: September 2015

71 years of Irish retail history. The owner-managed retail store chain with a large number of branches is not only an important employer in Ireland – Dunnes Stores has a history and everybody in Ireland knows their stores.

The first partial opening of Stephen‘s Green in Dublin was celebrated and marked the beginning of a new era. Dunnes Stores was given a completely new look and the unique concept gave its own brands more space.

For decades, the Irish Retailer has been working with designers who design exclusive collections for Dunnes Stores. This characteristic feature was hardly

communicated in the past. In the concept we developed, the own brands were given an identity and a focus. Whether Carolyn Donnelly, Savida or Paul Costelloe Living Studio, they are all located in the front section of the store and were given more space on the sales area.

A basic system was created that is uniform but leaves space for differentiation of the single brands.

In addition an event area was created, which, between the own brands and main range articles, leaves space to stage common themes, present collections together and stage themes alternately.