E. Leclerc

Client: E.Leclerc
Location: Orvault FR
Store Design: Interstore
Build: Schweitzer Project
Store Area: 10’500 m²
Opening: November 2016

To get away from the usual concept of French hypermarkets and rather focus on fresh products was the vision and main idea behind this new store concept.

From produce, fish and cheese fresh counters, to butcher, patisserie and bakery – customers are slowly guided along a “promenade of freshness” with tapered counters which additionally decelerates their walk.

Besides the adaption to the new look of the currently renovated mall, the integration of “Espace Culturel”, a specialized format of E.Leclerc for media and books, into the normal hyper-market has been a challenge.

The fresh products, arranged as product worlds along the “food promenade”, are integrated in an organic and innovative way with the non-food departments.