Client: Coop Alleanza 3.0
Location: Bologna, Modena & Ravenna, IT
Store Design: Interstore
Build: Schweitzer Project
Average Store Area: 10.500 m2
Opening: December 2017

Extracoop is an all-new, innovative shopping experience which amazes shoppers over and over again. It shows not only great expertise in Food, Non Food and any other areas. Above all, day-to-day shopping was turned into a personal experience.
Modern design with a high degree of flexibility that puts the focus on the merchandise. This is what these Extracoop markets are all about. Eye-catching wooden ceiling elements and high, black metal frames around

individual departments structure the large sales area visually and put the focus on the product worlds. The fresh food area in the middle is the heart of the market. It is surrounded by the non-food departments. They are designed like shop-in-shops and all of them have their own character and look. Through the loop and the positioning of the departments shoppers are always in contact with all assortments and do not need to cover long distances to reach the Non Food departments.