Client: Globus
Location: Rüsselsheim DE
Store Design: Interstore
Build: Schweitzer Project
Store Area: 11,000m2
Opening: September 2016

Freshness, in-house manufacturing, lightness and elegance – these are the basics of the further developed new Globus concept of 2014 which was succesfully implemented in this market.

It is a market place with an innovative spirit which perfectly harmonizes the gastronomy/convenience section and the rest of the 11’000m² sales area.
After more than one year of reconstruction the result is very impressive.

Gastronomy section and sales area were skilfully linked by a «Loop of Freshness» which is directly adjacent to the sales area and leads the shoppers into the market.
The way of staging the freshness islands and the pre-packed foods according to assortments is extraordinary as well.
Not only the wine department was completely redesigned but also the Non Food area. A department store character and a clear spatial separation set it apart from the gastronomy and food section.