Client: KaDeWe
Location: Berlin DE
Store Design: Interstore
Build: Körling Interiors
Store Area: 6‘000m2
Opening: September 2012

The Loft meets Luxury! It‘s a well known tribute to the Berliner building where the art of seduction was staged. The Loft at the KaDeWe was transformed into a paradise for lovers of shoes, accessories, lingerie and fine handbags!

Our goal was to create a concept to make the department store more luxurious, more exciting, and most of all more unique.

6‘000m2 open space in a luxurious ambience and, as far as the eye can see, exquisite accessories and shoes, masterfully presented.

The bespoke and exclusive interior underlines the luxurious flair.

The effectful look in this department is achieved through the use of a „feelgood“ colour palette, exclusive décor with simplified and minimalistic shapes, a surprising and refreshing mix of skilfully selected materials, a variation of show cases and a coherent design language throughout.