Rewe 2020

Client: Rewe
Location: Berlin
Store Design: Interstore
Build: Schweitzer Project
Store Area: 2,000 m2
Opening: August 2016

Freshness, flexibility, regionality, more personality and customer proximity – these are the priorities REWE has set for the future. To reach those goals, Interstore has
developed a complete store concept with a new positioning and implemented it together with Schweitzer Project at 4 test sites in Germany.
The first one was opened in Munich
All of these test markets present the grocery chain as a regional neighbourhood market place with a strong focus on freshness, convenience and local products, according to the motto «Mein REWE».
Besides a fundamental change of

the customer guidance that is marked by the positioning of the convenience department in the entrance area, for the realization of the concept new
counter and shelf systems were developed.
An important point for their development were the topics flexibility, aesthetics and transparency. The design of the counters is elegant and simple. The view of the fresh products is improved by the use of a lot of glass and a reduction of the visible metal compounds. Furthermore, thanks to a newly developed technology the counters can be easily switched from self-service to served, depending on need and time of day.