Metro Markets

In a country characterised by desert and sand, Metro Markets, the biggest supermarket chain in Egypt, deliberately decided to go for a new store concept that focuses on fresh, intense colours and a happy look with recognition value. From the store layout to the graphics and in-store communication up to visual merchandising, Interstore has elaborated a new concept based on the slogan «Everyday value with a smile».
The different fresh areas appear as colourful highlights and are designed as colour boxes.
A discreet grey floor and bright tile walls provide a warm atmosphere, and set the focus specifically on the intense colour highlights at the fresh counters and graphics.
A very visual graphics language with large-scale product images, supported by speech bubbles with bilingual texts, was consciously used.
From receipts, name tags of the employees, shopping bags up to the packaging for pizza, a consistent and colourful overall picture was created.

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