Client: Interio
Location: Spreitenbach CH
Store Design: Interstore
Build: Schweitzer Project
Store area: 4,500 m²
Opening: August 2018

The Interio branch in Spreitenbach celebrated its reopening – now with a new look. On two sales floors and a total area of 4,500 m², interior design worlds are clearly structured and inspiringly presented. The concept embodies Interio’s core motto: outstanding design at affordable prices. The spotlight is again on the furniture store and the assortment has been revised. A main store route leads through all depart- ments and enables with differentiated

coloring for each area a clear orientation. The concept is supported by the principle of archiving and staging: highstacked shelves present the whole range offered by the various product groups, making all the relevant information easy to read for the customers. The tables with inspi- rations, on the other hand, provide new ideas. The back walls are intentionally left empty and used exclusively for communication.